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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s a familiar story and one that we’ve all experienced at some point in our careers. The challenge of the new position is over; you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish, and you begin wondering if perhaps there’s something better out there. You begin asking yourself seriously whether to stay in your current position or leave it behind for something different.

The first question you should consider is whether you are capped out in your current job. Is there room for growth in your position? Do you see any avenues to pursue or any available pathways to get to that next logical step in your career? One of the surest pathways to stagnation is having no way to move forward and no future growth. You should always make sure you can work towards improvement, in one way or another. This is a huge key to occupational fulfillment, and one you should seriously consider in any job place.

But perhaps it’s not you, but your boss that is holding you back. You wonder when they will be promoted to free up room for you in their position. Or maybe you just want them to move along so you can experience different management and allow the team to grow. You could come to the realization that your boss isn’t going anywhere, sticking you firmly in a work cycle that prevents you from doing well.

But before you can truly consider moving on to your next challenge, you need to seriously consider if your current job offers any legitimate upsides. Do you still have more to learn there? Could additional experiences or challenges lead to an increase in your scope of work? What is the value of your current position in terms of expanding your knowledge base? If there is still value left to be gained, it can influence your decision and it’s worth examining closely.

If you are thinking of expanding your knowledge base, perhaps there is room for tangible growth in your current position. It might slow down your decision, but a potential promotion in your future could make the job worth the wait. That being said, it is important to set guideposts for your career. Don’t stay in a position for a promotion that doesn’t align with your professional goals. Have a distinct reference point as you move along your career path so you can track your progress and stay on a path that fulfills your needs.

If you answered no to all of the concerns discussed, then it is probably time for you to head out! If there is no room for growth, no change, and no opportunities for advancement that align with your goals, then the position is not giving enough back to you. Although your career is often about how you can contribute to a business or company, it is essential to consider how a position serves you as well. If your job offers nothing in return, it is difficult to muster up the motivation and excitement needed to produce truly great results.

The good news is that there are many opportunities out there to move on if you’ve decided it’s time to start looking for a new role. Do your research and consider these same questions when looking for a new job opportunity. Getting stuck in a work rut is never an ideal situation, so making sure you have room for growth and change that will allow you to capitalize on your potential in any employment opportunity that comes your way.

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