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President and Chief Financial Officer, Publicly Traded, Life and Annuity Carrier

The Company/The Situation
  • Client is a publicly traded, technology-enabled carrier that develops life and annuity products.
  • The carrier originates, manages, and transfers these products through reinsurance arrangements to asset managers and other third-party investors who are seeking yield.
  • In addition, the client provides operational and regulatory infrastructure/expertise for asset managers/third-party investors to form, capitalize and manage reinsurance captives.
  • The carrier went public last year, and the President eventually transitioned out of the organization which created a need for leadership. While the carrier does have a CFO, there is a focus on making sure that the finance infrastructure can properly support this new publicly traded environment.
  • Ideally, the client is looking for a candidate who has a combination of CFO and CEO experience. The CEO experience will be particularly relevant since that experience will complement the entrepreneurial skill set of the holding company founders.
The Challenge
  • The challenge will be to identify and attract a candidate who has broad reinsurance and capital markets expertise coupled with the CFO background and CEO leadership skills.
  • A deep understanding of the business model is needed along with the SEC registrant experience. There will be a focus on investor relations with an eye towards increasing shareholder value. The candidate should be able to operate well in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, scale-up environment.
  • In addition, an ability to execute on strategic plans and transform/grow the finance infrastructure is needed. A lot on the plate for sure.
The Choice
  • ARExecutiveSearch was introduced to the co-founders through a Partner at a public accounting firm who knew one of the Board members.
  • Video meetings were scheduled for the client to have a better understanding of the search process and of what to expect/timelines.
  • The co-founders recognized ARExecutiveSearch’s deep insurance industry expertise and access to candidates who would fit their desired profile. A decision was made to engage ARExecutiveSearch on the search assignment.
The Approach
  • An initial reach out to ARExecutiveSearch’s internal CFO network was started along with the process of mapping the market for CFOs at carriers who had the combination of SEC, life/annuity, scale-up and CEO experience.
  • After 2 weeks, several referrals were generated along with direct responses from candidates in and outside of the network. The candidates were then ranked, and a candidate benchmarking meeting was scheduled to review candidate profiles
The Selection and Solution
  • 5 candidates were selected for initial interviews which included 2 candidates from ARExecutiveSearch’s existing internal network who had the combination of CFO and CEO experience.
  • First round interviews went well. There was strong interest in one candidate who had the SEC, CEO and CFO experience and who had demonstrated a keen understanding of the business model and the objectives of the cofounders. Follow up discussions were set with members of the carrier’s executive team and board members. Face to face dinner meetings followed.
  • An offer was made; negotiations began; a relocation plan was put in place and the offer was accepted.
  • Another successfully completed search!

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